Sunday, March 6, 2011

Broken windows

F   E   A   R      L   E   S   S
Since I first posted my secret to the world, and since my first dental appointment a bunch of awesome things have been happening. Also, just to clarify, when first talking about the idea of posting some sort of a story to facebook friends with Pinar in December, I made a list of only 20 or so names of closest friends I felt I could bear to share it with. The momentum and excitement building in me however due to the new comfort and empowerment I began to find inspired me to actually post it to about 40 people, a few days later adding more, and after a few more making it public to all 200 or so friends and acquaintances of my profile. More recently, something I would have never thought possible in a million years, I posted a full open mouth "before" picture on facebook the day that I went to my first appointment to have teeth extracted. A lot is changing, in me and in my circle of friends every day. Momentum is growing, word is getting out, donations are starting to come in, brainstorms are growing all over the place, and it is truly magical and exciting to witness and experience in such a short time, to even believe that this is all occurring sometimes.
If you told me a year ago that I a day would come EVER where I would look forward to going to the dentist with excitement and enthusiasm like it were a fun art class with a fun partner in crime to make jokes all day, I would have never have believed you. And though I spend much of my time in the chair each visit bleeding with multiple people's hands in my mouth, I still hope my eagerness and sense of humor shines through the broken window's in this vessel of flesh and blood that my spirit calls home. It was due for a new coat of paint, anyway. Speaking of, I just hacked my hair off tonight! Thought the bushes around my new smile were in need of a trim after a whole year's growth. Here's to new beginnings, with a few more pictures Rakhee took of me at the end of my 3rd appointment after my cleaning. Don't be scared! Think of how I've always felt. Imagine how you might feel if this is what you saw when you looked in the mirror. Take a deep breath, and smile. And now go brush your teeth! Maybe throw me a quarter every additional time you do so while thinking of me ;-)

It's confusing, I know. This is a pic of a mirror in my mouth reflecting my upper teeth, or lack thereof.

Reflection of the right side of my mouth.

This is the first full mouth X-ray picture I ever saw of myself about a half hour into my first appointment. A little intimidating, to say the least. It's since become somewhat endearing, as I imagine all the windows continue to get knocked out each appointment. I hope I get to see another after all the extractions, and a final X-ray months from now as well.

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