Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Networking and Fundraising Updates

So lately it feels like I have 2 full time jobs. Besides Tumbleweed, virtually all of the rest of my spare time (when I'm not eating pudding and watching House reruns, that is. haha) has gone to emailing, reposting links and blogs, brainstorming, calling people, and trying to plan all sorts of fundraisers to continue to get my story outside of the context of all my poor downtown friends. Something I feel that people are slowly starting to realize, is that though they may not have money, they have their own skillsets and resources and slightly separate group of friends. I feel like a "weaver" I guess, finding new ways to constantly mix and match everyone's unique thread together to create colorful new events that everyone will want to be a part of. Here are some of the exciting things happening soon or in the works, but first of all, here is a glimpse of the OCD Hollywood "serial killer" way that I organize my thoughts:

I got a twitter account yesterday! That, is pretty hilarious and weird to me, that me of all people finally has one. And I still am not fully sure how to best utilize it, but I will hopefully get lots of pointers from all my geeky friends soon! :-) Right? Come be my followers at:!/smilepaul2011

My friend and old housemate from the Firehouse, Pete Petrisko recently interviewed me for AZ Kaos, an online journal of local art, music, culture and happening. Check out their page at: The story should be posted early next week, and will hopefully help pitch my first big upcoming benefit, on...

March 20th at 6PM at my friend (and coincidentally OTHER old housemate) Mario's I'm having my first big vegan dinner party fundraiser. If you don't know, it's the red brick house next to the giant red brick church on 908 E. McKinley St. If you are on Facebook, here is the event link and more information.!/event.php?eid=170356473016237
Mario and I (and anyone else who wished to contribute) are going to serve up a smorgasbord of vegan delights. We will have some gluten-free options as well, a variety of the cookies I used to be making at Conspire, Sangria and who knows what else. I promise it will all still taste good AFTER I rant my little monologue about my treatment plan and share gory pictures :-)

March 30th my friend Rocky Yazzi is hosting a fundraising event for me at the bar he works at in San Fran, the El Rio.  More info of performers and details soon.

I'm also working on designing promotional materials for a campaign I'm calling "One More Tooth" right now which I hope to have ready in the next week or so. I going to reach out to local businesses in the community and inquire if they are interested in letting me put a jar by their cash register for weekly collections of change. With this, I will also make "business" cards with the blog and twitter and my contact info to be displayed near them. I believe the text for the campaign is going to read:
"Our dear friend Paul needs several thousand dollars worth of dental care. He is saving for a full mouth reconstruction to finally be able to smile again and eat without pain for the first time in nearly 20 years. Together, your spare change can turn into real life change. You can make a difference, and help him cover the cost of ONE MORE TOOTH."
Then on the other side of the jar I would also have a current pic and short bio. Trying to find the ideal "jars" or containers to use still, currently, if anyone has any suggestions? Also contemplating making little molars out of sculpey to put inside each jar. I know, I'm so clever :-)

My friends Erin and Tristan are going to work on booking me a music show, possibly at Trunk Space or Firehouse in April sometime. Kimbur Lanning at Stinkweeds has also offered to let me use her space for an acoustic in-store performance or an outdoor show in the courtyard if anyone else wished to help with that or knows bands who might like to play for either show. I'm currently pursuing the possibilities of local favorites and friends of mine: Dogbreth, Haymarket Squares, Scrupulous, Haunted Cologne, Michelle Blades, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Lauren Farrah, Empire of the Bear, and others.
I am going to also talk to Wesley at the Bikini Lounge about possibly doing a fundraiser there one night as well, probably with the likes of 602sdays heroes Djentrification, Tara, Matty P, etc.

On top of all of this, My friend Anna Moncada has offered to begin accepting donations at her Tapdancing lessons for me. She is also exploring the possibility of her burlesque troupe Provacatease performing at a dancing fundraiser, possibly with a "sexy" bake sale. Hahahaa.

My friend Reva, the instructor of is offering to also donate a portion of the proceeds from her workshops if I can help her spread the word and find a more permanent and centrally-located venue in which to teach them. Am currently looking into the YMCA and some yoga studios. Anyone have any suggestions? Her trainings primarily focus on educating women, girls and the LGBTQ community. I am going to try to network with ASU student groups.

In addition, I still am working on designing some of my own tshirts to sell and also designs for my awesome friends Andrew Jackson Jihad which they have graciously offered to allow me to produce and ship and sell from their band website and let me keep full profits.

I have brainstormed other ideas with friends as well. There is talk of drag shows and scavenger hunts and improv performances and endless ideas. I am also in the works of writing a proposal for a seriously EPIC Dentistry-themed art show and silent auction that I think could probably be one of a kind and hugely attended, promoted to all dentist practices in the valley to bid on teeth-shaped paintings to put in their offices, and (I hope) to gain a lot of publicity for the students of the Mesa Dental University, educate children (AND adults) about proper oral hygiene and also offer hope and support to those who struggle with teeth issues, physically and mentally, and be informed by my intensely vulnerable and honest, interactive installation and performance piece telling my story. I am, after all, an exciting story of hope, healing, transformation, and rebirth.

I am now, finally done with this update. I told you, I have been B-U-S-Y!!
Please if anyone has any advice or suggestions or wants to help organize, promote, perform, bake, etc. for any of the above events, or if you have any other ideas of your own, please contact me. You can use here, twitter, facebook, email me at or call my cell, 602-575-9824.

Thank you all of you who continue to make this creative chaos possible, to have helped me to finally focus my brain into one single purpose for the greater good of my health and sanity and to together, provide awesome events in Phoenix!

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