Friday, February 25, 2011

A few pictures

I was all excited on my 3rd Appointment, wanting to tell my dentist that I bought a new toothbrush--seriously, I NEVER  do that, I do that like once a YEAR if I'm lucky and surprisingly, she yelled at me! "Duh, I could have just GIVEN you one." Haha. I guess now I KNOW.

So instead, I walked off that day with a whole fricken CASE of toothpaste! Maybe by the time I use it all, I will have a brand new smile. Or, hell, hopefully before then, 36 tubes seems like a lot!

I wonder how far my appointment reminder cards will stretch by the time i am finally finished!

I have also never bought floss in my life. I like, don't even know how to do it. One more question to add to my perpetual list I bombard Rakhee with whenever there's not 1-4 hands in my mouth. 

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  1. Hello Paul.

    It was good meeting you Sat afternoon at Bard's. Your POV on life feels like an important one and has connections to my own that are intense.

    The benefit reminds me that I too have felt impelled to reduce or eliminate the car from my life and ignored that edict for fear of my "society". Grist for writing.

    James T. Foley Jr.