Sunday, March 13, 2011

Donation Update

Whoah, amazing news. As of last Thursday, after I received not one, but TWO $500 donations in a 24-hour period, that brings my 33 day total since I got a paylpal account up to a whopping $1535.54!

Without even actually having a fundraiser of any kind yet! This means two things: first, that the help of others has now surpassed my own investment after the past seven appointments and I can rest a little easier finally, and afford to buy slightly more pudding! and second, that I currently have enough money saved between my own resources and donations to cover the cost of my next 5 appointments! Basically, all seven of my remaining extractions, and fixing all of the remaining teeth I have that need work is already payed for.

My next appointment is on March 22nd, and I hope to schedule the other 4 as soon as possible after that, perhaps to be completed by mid-April. By that time, I will have probably another grand of my own savings, and at least one fundraising dinner party this weekend and another benefit in San Fran on the 30th, and who knows what else, but I believe that it might, just might be possible to begin the implant procedures by the end of April. If so, that will be a pretty remarkable accomplishment for only 3 months. I almost can't believe it! So far, so good. Wish me luck!

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