Sunday, March 27, 2011

I almost forgot, I made blog promo cards!

I had my friend Mike over at print me up the first batch of cards to give out on the 18th to promote the blog. There will no doubt be more designs in the future. Feel free to grab either or both of these if you want to help use them to promote the blog as well in any way. Thanks!
I will add, that though I know I have come a long way in a short time as far as my openness to talk about this issue and share my story and pictures of myself and my procedures, or let others repost them, it is a little different than handing a stranger (or a friend, even) one of these cards with my mouth on it and waiting for a reaction. But I think that so far, I mostly am able to deal with it. Though when I leave them in public, I don't place them all mouth up, the very fact that I even leave one of them upturned now and then feels good to me, and feels like another small step in a positive direction.
Let me know if you would like any cards to give out. I still have a bunch, and will be making more regularly. Thanks!


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  3. What is it with these bogus SPAM comments? Been hoping for comments forever, and this is what I finally get? If you are real dental services, I think it's pretty patronizing and lame how you choose to "reach out" to people. Really, did you really read my blog? I should have flossed? Is that your expert opinion? Thanks. I wish you'd told me 20 years ago. Jesus Christ. Silly me.

  4. I'm reading your blog. :) Keep posting. I'll keep reading. Glad you're seeking help. Wish you were in Michigan, you could fix my bike. lol

  5. Thanks for reading, Heather! What part of Michigan? What's wrong with your bike, maybe I can help you from afar?