Thursday, March 17, 2011

So I was interviewed last week...

My friend and old housemate from the Downtown Arts Collective and live/work space, the Firehouse, Pete Petrisko, recently emailed me about interviewing me for AZ Kaos, "Arizona's Punk Rock Resource." Confessing some of his own experiences with "bad teeth" and the effect it has had on him was a moving introduction to our reconnection as friends, having not seen each other in over a year. This interview is a perfect example of the continuing positive experiences I am having with others reaching back, sharing their own stories and offering their own talents and utilizing their own networks as I am reaching out. It is kind of  mindblowing each day, watching everything continue to grow! I almost feel like a pyramid scheme or something. Haha. I received another considerable donation today, from someone I don't even know, and I have planted so many seeds at this point through direct conversations with friends, the blog and all sorts of digital profiles, that I am not even sure how people are hearing about my story now, but I am excited to watch it all grow as it takes on more and more of a life of its own. Thanks again everyone for all your reposting and sharing in whatever digital and analog circles of friends you have, and for helping me to be a little less pouty as all my foods begin to take on the same goopy texture at every meal. It feels great after so many years to be derailed in so many directions of denial, to finally feel like every aspect of my life is beginning to feel focused and on the right track toward a positive and healing future.

I hope you will enjoy this interview, and take the time to peruse the rest of their website and zine if you can find a copy. Thanks again, Pete, for your own honesty and compassion, and sharing your story. I am equally inspired by you and your own "cyborg" teeth :-)

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