Sunday, February 20, 2011

From here on out

The next several posts will be to catch you up to date on the care I have received up until now over the past month, and anything else I determine is relevant to bring you up to speed of my progress and growth and current health. To begin, I am going to share with you the pictures I uncomfortably took of myself in the bathroom of the cafe in Trinidad, California on the bike tour last October the day my front tooth broke in half. Please be advised that from this point on that there may be very "up close and personal" pictures of me in future blogs, to document my progress if they might make you uncomfortable. I offer them boldly in a healing effort to face my lifelong fear of opening my mouth to friends and strangers, to challenge you all to face your own fears, to document my progress and also show all who have donated what their money is paying for, and possibly even, in hopes to inspire you all to, you know...






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  1. I admire your courage. I'm sorry you've had to go though so much to reach the point where you have hope. I think these photos are very powerful and present the real problem much better than the X-rays on the sides (which don't really look human). I hope you find peace.