Thursday, June 2, 2011

(While I'm on this kick of posting my old writing that's important to me!)

This I often refer to as what I think is the most beautiful thing I have ever created. I mentioned it briefly in my long autobiographical narrative at the beginning of my blog. I wrote it to the first half of the Explosions in the Sky song "First Breath After Coma." I only have one poor recording of it I made, though I do like it a lot. If I can figure out how to upload and post it I will. I consider it one of the most "universal" and uplifting things I have written, and think the general sentiment I have carried with me for much of my life. I hope you will appreciate it. Good morning, from Arizona!

the exclamation point of my life sentence

this song is dedicated to anyone who feels the same
and this song is dedicated to running barefoot in the rain
to anyone who never followed rules they were supposed to
and to anyone who still makes you feel shy when they get close to

the spaces that you hide in, dares to ask you what you're thinking
to the ones who sit in coffee shops when they'd rather be drinking
to the ones who find the strength to carry on when they've been broken
to the ones who write down every word that their love has ever spoken

this song is dedicated to anything that helps you sleep
and to the ones who search for someone else to make them feel complete
and the ones who keep a secret that they'll carry to their grave
to the ones who pray to god each night and hope that they'll be saved

to the ones that always sacrifice their dreams for someone else
and to the ones who try their best to play the hands that they were dealt
and to the ones who've ever lost the place that they used to call home
and the ones you wake up next to when you know you're not alone

this song is dedicated to everyone that you've ever known
and to the people that have good in them that they're afraid to show
and to the ones you only want to love yet somehow push away
to the one who's always loved you but never knows what to say
and to the ones you always settle for when you let them get away…

to the ones that you've inspired that you do not even know
and to the ones trying to run away that don’t know where to go
and to the friends that still have faith in you when nobody believes
and to the pain that nearly kills you every time another leaves

to the missing pieces everywhere in all of us since birth
and to the ones who say they cherish life but don't know what it's worth
and to the presents that you miss out on when clinging to the past
to the little things you'd tell someone if only they would ask

and to whatever gets you through it when you feel like giving up
this song is just another toast to never growing up
and remembering the way it felt when every day was new
this song is just another way to thank you for being you, and

to the people that remind you what it's like to feel alive
and to the ones who lie awake at night just trying to survive
to the people that you never see, and how much that you miss them
this song is dedicated, to anyone out there who'll listen…


  1. i love this one, i still have my cd with this on it, it is so moving and uplifting when you feel misunderstood or alone :)

  2. Hey, I was wondering what Rakhee's reasoning was for the titanium spork ban with the new teeth? Is titanium bad for some reason in a way that stainless isn't?

    Also: Smoothie of awesomeness:

    One avocado, one banana, some chia seed. Blend the hell out of all that. Add a handful of spinach. Blend more. Add water to preferred consistency, or strawberries/strawberry juice if you prefer (though that might make it brown, it'll taste yummy!).

  3. Hi Kat. I don't think that it was really technically "banned." It was more of a question in her mind I think of to what extent I was actually washing it, so as not to put a dirty, bacteria-coated spork that I always carried on my hip back in a mouth of healing wounds. Thanks for the smoothie recommendation, and for reading and commenting!