Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Promise of Time

I began making little "manifesto" sort of poetry cards around the same time six years ago as I first began formulating my ideas about digital culture and coming to terms with my upbringing, and all the central ideas that I feel are important for me to communicate to the world. This was the first such card that I ever produced that I used to leave around in public places. I have probably made nearly a 1000 of these cards since then, and only once have I ever had anyone truly follow through as directed. I recently won 500 custom business cards from a bike scavenger hunt and I have been thinking of making some of these with the blog link on them soon. I have also for years wanted to mass produce sets of them and other empowering slogans and quotes and challenges I have written and try to sell them to independent bookstores around the country. I was thinking of trying to create a Kickstarter fundraiser to do just that, actually, and use the proceeds to continue to add to my dental treatment plan. SOOO many possibilities, all the time. I need to promise myself my own time to keep slowly crossing things off my epic list of like thirty things I'm trying to do right now.
Here is the card I am talking about:

What do you think? You are reading this right now--perhaps you have been from the start? Should I mass produce this card and others like it, and do you feel that you or others would like to buy sets of them?

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  1. I like the card. I like it so much I'd like to have some of my own to hand out to people I meet on the streets, in shelters and to the homeless service providers as well. And at conferences, and at events and ... anywhere the urge strikes me.

    Cash is not my forte, having been homeless, currently housed and generating creative ideas to get my self off SSDI. However, I like this particular card so much I'm willing to spend some of my food money on it.

    Connect with me.