Monday, May 16, 2011

With all these macro lens, gross pictures of me in here...

I thought perhaps I would post a current one not quite so disgusting! Damn...

So, we all had to get our photos taken at work for new ID badges we are having made with our fingerprint clearance cards built into them. I actually was kinda surprised that my spur of the moment, "Hey Paul, come stand outside against the building and get yoru ID picture taken after a long and draining day at work" sort of picture could have actually came out remotely decent. Ironically, I feel that it is one of the bext pictures taken of me in some time, and it makes me feel good to see it, in comparison to the absolutely unflattering one that Rakhee took of me during my 3rd appointment when she was documenting the status of my mouth and jaw:
I hope that I won't be the only one who notices the improvement in this recent picture over the past 3 months, even if I don't yet have the confidence for an open-mouthed smile, or one full of teeth. This picture actually makes me feel good about myself, and as far as ID badges at work in the history of all the jobs I have had, for once it looks like I actually even like my job! Haha. Thanks Erika for taking it :-)

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