Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On MC Paul Barman, and Getting Help

I first heard of the insanely clever rhyme wizard MC Paul Barman about eight years ago, a few years after I began my constant search for underground hip hop at the record store Soundgarden in Syracuse, back when I lived in upstate NY. His most recent album, "Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud" has a song on it that I love called "Help" that when I first heard it, I joked that it should be the theme song for the non-profit I worked (and still work for) Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development. 

Though the sentiment is a little different than my re-occuring theme of "ASKing" for help throughout this blog, I know that in some small way around the same time as so many changes were beginning to manifest in my life in the spring of 2010, that this song became a firmly planted seed in my subconscious thoughts. It is, of course, one thing to ask for help. It is another to stay determined, follow through, and continually pursue it to a positive resolution and real change. This entry is dedicated to another Paul, for all he has inspired me as a clever poet myself who often uses humor to deal with difficult, personal and/or awkward subject manner. To someone who can pack more content into a single song and write circles around practically anyone I know in hip-hop. Thank you. I hope your music can continue to surprise people, and bring "Joy to their worlds." It certainly gave me, Pinar and her sister who all love owls a new-found appreciation for, and reason to yell the words "Owl Pellets!"

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