Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Old Video I Found About How Cavities Develop, Little Hugs & Bill Hicks

I seriously don't recall ever having to watch anything related to dental health in elementary school. There was certainly a ton of brainwashing about the old "4 Food Groups" though, before it was later changed to a pyramid.

I can't help but wonder if more effort was taken in schools to educate children through all levels of development if maybe, perhaps, it could help fight the naivety of old fashioned or ignorant parents. I hope some things have changed in public schools since 1985. I have heard of schools banning soda I think? If only I were never allowed to develop a taste for high fructose corn syrup like what's in the caffeine-free Pepsi my mother has sucked down ever since I remember, maybe things wouldn't have gotten so bad so early.
If only conscientious, caring consumers would vote toxic waste like this bullshit off of store shelves with their monetary votes, maybe together we could slowly begin to turn the tide toward a more nutritious lifestyle for the children of the future.

Here's my favorite comedian and an inspiration for over a decade, Bill Hicks talking about how to advertise empty, sugary crap such as this:

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