Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear Trent

I am sorry if you happened to read my post on a crappy day. I hope you will get a chance to see me more often at the school and get a better sense of my unique sense of humor. :-) I was just giving you crap. Consider it the highest form of flattery from me.
However, I do consider my blog also an important resource of feedback that students no doubt rarely ever get from patients as well, and I did genuinely want you to know, that topical does indeed help ease the pain of needles, however much science may beg to differ. I bet it may even be a placebo effect for some people who have a 100 times the needle anxiety as me, but I still personally would offer for consideration, if it makes the patient feel better, even if it's in their head, just do it.
Okay? Are we square now? :-) Thanks for all your epic work on what will in my head be endearingly referred to as the "Battle of 17." You win the Purple Heart of Perseverence! Or, maybe I will just bring you cookies for my next appointment ;-)


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